What is a Sodbuster? One who toils the soil or busts the sod! “Sodbuster Living” is whatever it takes to run a homestead! That is me, Sodbuster Challice.

My story is not the next New York Times bestseller… I’m just a young mom who needed to find answers; How to work with a below poverty budget, how to coupon, how to live our dream of homesteading in the middle of the Mojave Desert, how to keep life simple and clutter free, and LIVE in a 770 sq ft home with 5 other family members! All these things. It was a journey, it still is. I am here to share that journey with others out there looking for answers and having a hard time. I am moving from my other blog over to this one, so please be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get up to date posts and other information.

Looking forward to sharing our journey with you and learning more from our readers.