2 Week menu plan with recipe links

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I am trying to keep our grocery budget to $75 per week this month so I am coming up with detailed menu plan using what I have in the freezer and pantry. I use moneysavingmom’s menu sheets to help with my menu plan.
We feed 6 people on strictly a gluten-free diet, I try hard to be sugar-free and limit our dairy. My husband’s diet fluctuates all the time as we try to find answers for some of his health issues. Stay tuned for more frugal living ideas!

2 Week menu plan from 1/12-1/24
cereal (corn Chexs)
Oatmeal soaked overnight x2
Fried eggs and zucchini x3
Sausage and waffles x2
Yogurt smoothies
Corn grits
Muffins and boiled eggs
Egg, sausage, pancakes (special Saturday brunch)

Rice and sausage x2
Taco Soup leftovers
Lentil Soup
Chicken nuggets
Broccoli and cheese soup
Yogurt smoothies
Egg drop soup

Tacos x2
THM Shepherds Pie
Mexican Lasagna (Mom’s recipe- stay tuned for a blog post!)
Chicken Cesar Salad
Burrito in a bowl
Virus Killing Soup
One Pan Enchilada
Baked Porkchops
Grilled BBQ Chicken
Lamb Shoulder Stew (in search of a great recipe! Have one to share?)

I did my grocery haul and spent about $57. I have meat in the freezer and a full pantry. So while this week’s total brings my total monthly bill up to $160 ($10 over budget)– I know I have everything working in my favor. I do not recommend trying to cut your grocery bill as drastically as I have, while having a empty pantry and freezer. Starting the new year with trying to clean out the freezer, fridge, and pantry (should it be full), is a great way to get everything used up before it gets spoiled. It also helps recover holiday costs. :O

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