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Silencing the Siren ~ Sodbuster Review on a Little Mermaid Retelling

Barela’s debut novel combines mystery, the roaring 20’s, and fairy-tale retelling. From the opening of our tale, we are sucked in and pulled immediately into the mystery. Where did Annabel disappear too and is she really dead? This story goes into a lot of deeper things than just a fairy-tale romance, and there is plenty of that! We have our… Read more »

Everard, A Not So Fairy Tale ~ Sodbuster Reviews

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“‘Lies are more dangerous than any dragon of any mountain.’ ‘And yet people invite them to their lips every day.’” If you enjoy Narnia, Princess Bride, A Squire’s Tale, or even fairy tales, then I suggest you pick this book up. Everard has met his match with his witty companions as he goes on quest after quest to win the… Read more »