365 Ways You Can Save Money- Day 23

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Day23When you have four children, this can get interesting.  The minimalist in me wants to take everything to the thrift store when we are done and just wait until something is needed before purchasing again. However, the frugal part of me knows that the best decision I can make is to save the clothes for the next child. I actually have a simple process for this; each child has a tote and as one child out grows the clothes, they are sorted into Keep, Rags, and Donate. Even though I save clothing, the younger children still end up with fresh “new” clothing and if I save every article of clothing, it can get into a big mess. I save my favorites and those that can hold up another child (lets face it, not all clothes can withstand young children’s play time), the ones that weren’t our favorite or we have many of (where do all those tshirts come from?!) they get donated, and the ones that are holey, horribly stained or otherwise ready for retirement, get sent to the rag bucket. The only things I refuse to save are the underwear. No explanation needed.

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