365 Ways You Can Save Money- Day 28

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Day28Gary Chapman talks about the different languages of love in his best-selling book, The Five Love Language

Probably the one I relate to the most is the language of gift giving. Its a tangible way for me to show my love for you by a token. Which is kinda of funny coming from me. But anyway, you can imagine what birthday’s could be like if I wanted to show my kids how much I love them. Early on we had decided that there wouldn’t be a birthday party every year for each child. Each child could experience a party for their 5th birthday, their golden birthday, and their 10th at the next earliest. We also don’t have elaborate birthday parties. In fact the one birthday party that is most talked about, to this day, is the one where we created a camping theme. We had a “build your own trail mix”, hot dog and hamburgers, potato sack races, musical chairs, painting of pinecones, and the kids had a blast. I think the whole party cost around $30-$40.   The children really just want time to play with their friends. They won’t remember all the decorations or elaborate meals as much as they will the time and companionship spent with their friends. Planning out parties ahead of time can really be cost effective and don’t forget that Pinterest has a lot of ideas that you can make yourself.

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      When you turn the same age as the day of the month you were born. I had my golden birthday When I turned 21 on the 21st of April.


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