5 Things to be Thankful for This No Spend Month

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If you have ever played the game Monopoly? Then you understand that there comes a point when you don’t even care that you may be ahead, you just want the game to be over. Two to three hours is more than anyone can take of purchasing, paying, and passing go.

Our financial journey can be a lot like a game of Monopoly.

We can be in either seat, we can be paying the person ahead, again and again, trying to make conservative and wise decisions only to keep landing in jail or Boardwalk. Or we can be ahead and doing well with all the railroad lines, Water Works, and what have you, and still be ready to throw the board to the four winds.

Because financial decisions over and over and over again is exhausting!

What does this have to do with a No-Spend month? I’m in the third week of trying to stick to not spending beyond needs. All around me is the building excitement of Christmas; Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday deals, shop small advertisements, and much more. It’s a battle of the wills– the will to give in and just make my life easier now, and the will to stop buying into the idea that this is really the best stuff out there for the ones you love.

The key to contentment is gratitude!

This is going to be a hard year for many as the virus has kept many home and from seeing loved ones. If anything, this should show us that this is where our hearts are at. I am not here to scold you for purchasing items. I am here to point to the reality that these better things of calling family, appreciating each other, and a good word of encouragement, goes far beyond the feelings of finding a good deal for someone in our life. Before we sit down to a THANKSGIVING dinner, and before we go to bed with all the alarms on our phone in order to grab the best deal ever, lets take a few minutes to write out 5 things we’re thankful for.

1: I’m thankful for all the things we have!

There isn’t a day that goes by that my children don’t figure out what to wear, what toy to play with, what book to read, if they want to eat veggies, and whatnot. What a huge blessing! I can pick up my phone and send a quick text to my husband. I can open the fridge and figure out what what to make for the next meal. What a blessing!!!!!

2. I’m thankful for a supportive community!

One of the things I’m really grateful for is that in sharing this journey, it has pulled out so many in the community (online and in real life) out to step up and offer words of encouragement, a cup of coffee on a rough day, suggestions to make the road easier, or Starbucks gift cards (my one weakness). It is also a great reminder to step up when someone else is doing a no-spend month and encourage them in whatever way I can!

3. I am thankful for a wealth of information out there.

Perspective is everything right? Just like this image above shows a different perspective on the whole glass question, so can someone offering a different perspective. Becoming Minimalist on Facebook is Joshua Becker’s platform and while this month’s challenge was more about saving money than choosing a minimalist lifestyle, the perception on this month is motivating, encouraging, and something that I wouldn’t have necessarily sought after. I would have been looking for free things to do, or make, or whatever, but instead, I am just living in the moment.  Sipping coffee and glancing over articles that come up on my feed and it’s like a seed planted, watered, and growing.

4. I am thankful for our small income.

No, really! I think that a lot of times it’s easier to quit or be more open to making any purchase simply because the money is there. But when you know that each purchase can begin to play a part in groceries, bills, and other daily needs, you really reflect on how much you truly need to have. Give us this day, our daily bread.

5. I am thankful for this challenge!

This ties in with all the above. Challenging ourselves to not buy something even if we financially can. To reflect daily on what we have as we pull a coffee mug down, throw a blanket over ourselves as we sit on our couch, or even making Thanksgiving dinner for the family with turkey and way to many sides and desserts. I am thankful that I have a cup.

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