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Is This Middle Grade Series Just More Twaddle? Sodbuster Reviews

  Growing up I was all about the horse books, who wasn’t? I read the Saddle Horse Club, Winnie the Horse Gentler, and a host of others that I can’t even remember anymore. It seems every generation has it’s horse admirers and it seems only appropriate that there should be more books to be read for the next generation! Ginny… Read more »

After Reading this Book, did I Regret Moving to Indiana?

I actually requested this book mainly because I am a newly planted Hoosier. And this is a Christian suspense novel that takes place in LaPorte, Indiana, 1907. It has ALL the makings of a great book: something I can relate to (location), historical (sign me up!), suspense (can this book get any better?), and takes place on a farm (my… Read more »

Snuffed Out, A Cozy Mystery Book Review

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This book was even better than the first one I read last month! I am really falling in love with this character, Katrina. First, I love how fostering and adoption was weaved into the pages. It is not a main focus point of this cozy mystery but it does play a part in our character development.  Speaking of character development, one… Read more »

The Top 5 things I’ve learned with No Spend Month

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Its the middle of the month. Halfway there. This week started off strong, but one needed purchase began a spiral of events that could have change things for the worst, had I not used the steps outlined in my first post from last week. Monday and Tuesday went great. My son had taken my husband and me out for dinner… Read more »

5 Tips to Set you Up for Success for No-Spend-November

The numbers stared at me. My pen felt frozen in place. My brain kept saying over and over, “I don’t understand!” For the past few months, we really have seen a decrease in our finances and my goal was to not buy anything that we didn’t need. But, I was not as diligent in monitoring that or thinking about each… Read more »

This Legacy of Hope Is Making Me Love Christian Fiction Again

I use to read all the Christian fiction. I would breeze through so many in a year, I can’t even tell you half of the ones I read or re-read. But then they all seemed empty. A prayer thrown in randomly, if you want to call muttering under your breath or a “sorry, Lord.” a prayer. Church attendance, a must… Read more »

Is this a Christian Cozy Mystery Worth Reading?

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This book had me chuckling as softly as I could since I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning to finish this book. A lot could be said about that last sentence, but let’s leave that alone for now. This book had all the great elements about cozy Christian read; sweet romance, not too intense mystery, and a… Read more »

Did I Find This Devotional To Meet Devotional Standards?

In recent years, there have some published works that have been categorized in ways that can leave me puzzled. Probably the biggest one is the genre that I would say is Christian Living, but categorized as devotion. So when I signed up for a free copy of Truly Known, I went in with little to zero expectations. Does this sound… Read more »

3 Recent Purchases from Amazon that I am LOVING

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I can’t believe this book dropped 60%! For less than $10, this was a fantastic addition to our homeschool library! Purchase, Watercolor With Me In The Forest. See the other’s in the series here. My 7 year old has been making a bunch of pot holders from this kit refill! Who remembers the good old days?! But here is a… Read more »

Why This New Series Will Be Wonderful For Living Bookshelves

“I know of an author writing a series that I think you will be interested in.” And with that, my mom had me hook, line, and sinker. The story of Maylie and the Maze is a young readers novel about a would-be writer that enjoys time away in England with her “annoying” twin brother, Camden, aunt, and Grandma. While I… Read more »

At Heaven’s Edge Book Review and Why I Enjoyed It So Much

I requested this book from Celebrate Lit in exchange for my free and honest review. “After we transferred over to patient care, I took one last look at Matthew. ‘Its hard to be so involved and then to suddenly have to let go.‘” I have a son that wants to be a fireman and a daughter that would like to… Read more »

My Struggle With this Devotional and How it Won Me Over

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When I first started reading this book, I was intrigued but also had some serious concerns. Let me start out by saying that I requested this book, and then wondered why on earth I did so. I have taken the Enneagram test before and I was placed a 9, and then as I was reading deeper into my Bible I… Read more »

Historical Audible Books included With Prime That You Need to Take Advantage Of

Amazon has some fantastic books ready for free download right now for PRIME members. I saw some fantastic titles and had to share with you.   We love anything by Elizabeth George Speare. Now, I have read all her books, except this one. We just haven’t had the opportunity to own it! Now I have it in my audible library… Read more »

Season of Hope- A Christian Fiction Book Review

“The only season in her life these past few years had been a brown, dead winter. Life marched on. Days, months, and years passed by, but her winter never changed to spring.” Hope is surviving the day to day life with her son, Mattie. After seeing the new preacher and finding that he is way to attractive she is determined… Read more »