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A Perfect Summer Read || Finding a Memory Sodbuster Reviews

The garden is alive and thriving, and takes up so much of my day to day life. Audio books to the rescue. One of the most difficult things about this past year was the decrease in my reading time. Its my time to recharge; to get lost in a story and think and ponder how the characters grew in the… Read more »

Anything But Simple || Sodbuster Book Reviews

Since moving up here to Indiana and surrounded by the local Amish and Mennonite, I have become very much interested in this set apart group that take much pride and care in the way they live. Author, Lucinda Miller, shares with us memories from her childhood and her family history chapter by chapter. Sometimes the memories shared didn’t seem to… Read more »

The Last Gasp || Sodbuster Reviews

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This book is on tour with Celebrate Lit What a fun twist on the fairy-tale Cinderella! Author, Chautona Havig has a great brain for detail as she works in the Prince (Prinz), shoes, step-sisters, fairy god-mother, and so much more. I thought the mystery was well written, all the clues were there. I loved the nod to Lord Peter Whimsey… Read more »

Shackled~ A Sodbuster Review

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Miriam Ibraheem became the voice for numerous women who have suffered unimaginable horror and persecution because of their faith, or the faith that they are shackled too. This book was heart-wrenching. I knew some of the Islamic practices and know of others, but to really understand how many live in day to day life was beyond my comprehension as I… Read more »

Mrs. Witherspoon Goes to War || World War 2 Heroines || Sodbuster Reviews

I have really been enjoying this series. Each one tells of a different office that women held during WW2. In Mrs. Witherspoon Goes to War, we have a widowed Peggy Witherspoon as a WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots). Peggy has a chip on her shoulder with the Lord for allowing her husband to die and leave her a widow with… Read more »

Silencing the Siren ~ Sodbuster Review on a Little Mermaid Retelling

Barela’s debut novel combines mystery, the roaring 20’s, and fairy-tale retelling. From the opening of our tale, we are sucked in and pulled immediately into the mystery. Where did Annabel disappear too and is she really dead? This story goes into a lot of deeper things than just a fairy-tale romance, and there is plenty of that! We have our… Read more »

Everard, A Not So Fairy Tale ~ Sodbuster Reviews

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“‘Lies are more dangerous than any dragon of any mountain.’ ‘And yet people invite them to their lips every day.’” If you enjoy Narnia, Princess Bride, A Squire’s Tale, or even fairy tales, then I suggest you pick this book up. Everard has met his match with his witty companions as he goes on quest after quest to win the… Read more »

Now That I Know You || Sodbuster Book Reviews

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Does our past define us? One of the things I really enjoy about this series by Olivia Newport is the dual-timeline. I am finding that I really enjoy that perspective. What is unique to be about how Newport’s writing is the fact that I actually enjoy both timelines. More often than not, I find myself preferring the historical point of… Read more »

Elinor Dare’s story from the Lost Colony of Roanoke || Sodbuster Reviews

A few years ago, I created my own American history curriculum that would fit my diverse needs for a wide range of grades. We had an encyclopedia of historic events, and a stack of read alouds we were going to be reading through. One of the gaps that was sadly lacking was history on the lost colony of Roanoke. There… Read more »

30 Meals You Can Make for $5 or Less

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January is coming up and it is the time for goals and tightening of the belt– in more ways than one. Probably the biggest one that every one thinks about and plans for is tightening of spending. Christmas brings a lot of spending and usually in January everyone tries to rebuild their bank account with limited spending and other strategies…. Read more »