Book Review: “Diary of a Jackwagon”

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The saying goes, “If mommy aint happy, aint nobody happy!” and I would say that this would make it a perfect day to dive into my new book by Tim Hawkins: The Diary of a Jackwagon. It’s been a crazy week–what can I say?

If you know a bit about Tim Hawkins you can guess what this book is about. If you don’t know anything about him please be sure to check out this link!

From the back of the book about the author:
“Tim Hawkins has forged a no-bones, no-bill stand-p comedy experience that entertains the entire family. Described as one part gifted ad two parts twisted, Tim highlights the brokenness of human nature while marvelin in its absurdity. He performs live for 200,000 fans and 120+ sold-out sows every year. His Jackwagon Crew continues to grow with 300 million views on YouTube and motley half million Facebook fans. Tim and his wife, Heather, live in Missouri with their four crud muffins.”

We love Tim Hawkins Comedy over here on our homestead. Love him. However, that kind of made me hesitant to get his book. Half of his humor is just in the way he presents things with his facial expressions, the pauses, etc. And you don’t get that when you are reading a book. Well, I was wrong on that. I didn’t get past the Introduction without a all-out-laugh-until-you-cry spell. What I love most about Tim Hawkins is the fact that he is a clean comedian.

I started this book back in July and this week I decided to finish it up; Mama needed a laugh. The book contains 18 chapters and each on on a different topic ranging from: Homeschool Family, Noah’s Ark, SuperNanny, Hedge of Protection, and Denominations, all the way to: Blinker Fluid, Turquoise Toilet, Challenge Flag, and Krispy Kremes. Each chapters definitely carries the element of surprise. What you think might be the punch line will end up being the curve ball to the greater punch line.

I would like to say that if you intend to just sit down and read the book, I don’t think you will get as much a laugh out of it like you would if you read it to your spouse. I would laugh and call hubby over and say something like, “Listen to this” and proceed with the section. I laughed harder than I did reading it in my head and my husband was brought to tears by laughing so hard. So if you are intending to have say a long drive, this may be the kind of book to read aloud with. On second thought, you do want to be able to see the road and pay attention. Better hold off on that idea. Dining room table after a busy work day would suffice just as well!

Its hard to really write about this book. Its all comedy. Throughout the book you get little Twitter snippets that he included at the end of each chapter. I know that for some people they would prefer to read a book rather than sit down and watch a video. I would say that this is the perfect book for that person. Again, I was really stoked to read this book but it is hard to write a review to do justice to the kind of humor that Tim Hawkins has.

Bottom line: I read the book, I enjoyed the book immensely, I am not sorry I received this and read it but I would prefer to watch Tim Hawkins and would pay for the DVD rather than buy the book.

4 Stars.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: “Diary of a Jackwagon”

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