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Expectations When You’re in a Financial Journey

Drop the expectation cycle! The things that generally are the sneaky money consumers are the things we expect. Birthday parties with themed plates, napkins, and whatnot. Christmas with everyone getting x-number of toys per kid at certain value, etc. Be upfront with your kids. Explain what is going to happen so that expectation is low, and see what you can… Read more »

3 Unpopular Ways to Start Save Money This Month

That’s it! It’s the month we’re taking charge of our finances and going to move forward with the intention on being the boss of our money rather than its employee. Money talks are scary right now. There are even rumors about us heading into a recession and I get it, while you can’t take to heart every bad news that… Read more »

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Are you set up for success?

I think quite often, and I am speaking to myself here as well, we get stuck in a rut that says “this is how it looks like for this family and yet that is not how my family dynamics work so I cannot use this method (or tip or whatever the case may be),” without looking at the end goal…. Read more »

Thrive Market Review, Comparison, and Referral

I have recently made my first purchase through the website, . I don’t normally sign up for things like this. I generally find that its cheaper to purchase through Costco, Trader Joes, or Azurestandard co-op. However, new subscribers would get a free trial month, a free jar of almond butter, and 15% off their first order. With shipping being… Read more »

Freezer Meals- Gluten-free and budget friendly

I love freezer meals. There have been many a day where I have been saved by the Crockpot phenomenon.  Dinner is waiting for us when we get home from Church or a long day away. On our crazy activity days (ballet, jiu jitsu, and my daycare in one afternoon) I can schedule dinner for the crockpot and not even be… Read more »

365 Ways You Can Save Money – Day 34

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Politely decline “home parties”.  Or, be honest and upfront, you don’t have the money but you wish them the best success. If I attended every party I was invited too, I could easily end up spending hundreds a month. That is not feasible.  It’s super hard to do this because I want to show support for small businesses and when… Read more »

365 Ways You Can Save Money- Day 29

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Our generation consumes more meat than previous generations. The United States has the second highest meat eating ratio compared to other countries. I am not about to go vegetarian though. Its one of the wonderful privileges I have for living in the United States. However, meat, especially beef, can get a little bit pricey for 7 meals a week.  Just… Read more »