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The Escape Game ~ Sodbuster Reviews

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Just when you think, ‘is there anything new about WW2 and fiction?’ another gem comes along. This series has really been an enjoyable read. From The Cryptographer’s Dilemma to this book, The Escape Game. Each story takes inspiration from something learned and they weave a story about how this piece of history and the idea of how it could have… Read more »

Forged in Love by Mary Connealy, Sodbuster Reviews

I remember reading many Mary Connealy books back in my younger youth. Recently, my daughter has been on a binge read of Connealy’s work and it reminded me that I haven’t picked up one in a while. So when the opportunity came up to read a newer released work, I jumped on board. It is safe to assume that my… Read more »

Waiting on the Tides by Tabitha Bouldin || Sodbuster Review

Thank you for your patience during the holidays and getting over sickness. This is part of the Independence Island series and I really enjoyed it because while it was more of a contemporary Christian romance, it had a deep richness to it that I personally get more out of. So far, I have enjoyed how Tabitha Bouldin takes a general… Read more »

The Nutcracker Suite by Chautona Havig, Narrated by Christa DelSorbo REVIEW

Corruption, mobs, and a fairy-tale retelling of the Nutcracker brought to life through the talented Christa DelSorbo. First, let’s talk about what Chautona Havig did here. First thing of all, I’m her daughter; so when she told me that she was turning the classic fairy-tale The Nutcracker into a mystery retelling during the roaring 20’s I may have raised an… Read more »

Night Songs, Written by Jennifer Sienes, Narrated by Christa DelSorbo

When the opportunity came to listen and review another Christa DelSorbo book, I was all over it like a perfect cup of coffee. I have really been enjoying the Ever After mysteries narrated by this talented woman. I wanted to see what she could do with something outside the mystery genre. And she did not disappoint. It is hard to… Read more »

Dial W for Wrangler || Sodbuster AND Euphemia Book Review

Note from Challice: When my daughter, Euphemia, learned that I had the opportunity to write a review for Dial W for Wrangler, the next words out of her mouth were, “OH! I need to write the review! This needs to be the most epic review ever so people will grab a copy faster than you could lasso a steer.” Well,… Read more »

Silencing the Siren, An Audiobook Review by Sodbuster Living

I love to read, but some seasons make that near impossible. Audio books are one of my lifelines to finding a way to read even when the season of life just doesn’t make it possible for me to sit and enjoy a hot steaming cup of coffee and my next adventure. I really enjoyed the multiple author takes on the… Read more »

A Perfect Summer Read || Finding a Memory Sodbuster Reviews

The garden is alive and thriving, and takes up so much of my day to day life. Audio books to the rescue. One of the most difficult things about this past year was the decrease in my reading time. Its my time to recharge; to get lost in a story and think and ponder how the characters grew in the… Read more »

Anything But Simple || Sodbuster Book Reviews

Since moving up here to Indiana and surrounded by the local Amish and Mennonite, I have become very much interested in this set apart group that take much pride and care in the way they live. Author, Lucinda Miller, shares with us memories from her childhood and her family history chapter by chapter. Sometimes the memories shared didn’t seem to… Read more »