Historical Audible Books included With Prime That You Need to Take Advantage Of

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Amazon has some fantastic books ready for free download right now for PRIME members. I saw some fantastic titles and had to share with you.


We love anything by Elizabeth George Speare. Now, I have read all her books, except this one. We just haven’t had the opportunity to own it! Now I have it in my audible library and I can’t wait to use this for our car rides we make.

Johnny is not a likeable character at first, but as he grows in manhood and maturity we fell more and more in love with this story. We really enjoyed this book and running into the heroes of American History through the eyes of this young man.

This book is fabulous to read after reading Farmer Boy. It is how the Morgan horses became the American breed of horses through the words of Marguerite Henry, whom we fondly call the equine writer. We found it to be a slower start but then it picks up pace… like a horse trot to a gallop.

Commonly used in a lot of Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool, this tells the story of a toy boat that is put out to “sea” in the great lakes and the geography therein. While I personally would use this along with the book available from Beautiful Feet, because you will loose a lot of the beautiful illustrations. I can see the tired mom outsourcing this by giving the kid the book to look at the pictures while the audio book is read to him or her.

Here is another Ambleside Online Charlotte Mason recommendation! Free! FREE! Blue Fairy Book is considered a classic. We have picked and chosen a few stories to read during poetry tea time!

I have heard amazing things about this book from families that really enjoyed it. However, that being said, my 11 year old son didn’t finish it at all. He just found it hard to get through and did not hold his interest. Throwing that caveat out there, but again, I am including it because it is listed in several book lists for ancient history from reputable homeschool curriculum companies.

Oh. My. Word! I am so excited about this! We did not get a good printed copy of this book and I found it way to hard to read the cheap reprinting. The narrator is not my favorite, but I think it will work well for winter days with art and lego projects. This is also on Ambleside online recommended reading list.

You can’t have one Howard Pyle book without having the other! Men of Iron is also recommended Ambleside online reading! We did do this one year and while I enjoyed it, I think the kids were younger than I would have recommended for this reading.

I think this one is just one of those hard books to read but it is so insightful. My year 8 daughter is going to be reading this in the next year or two (I actually chose to delay this book until she was a bit older) and I think the audio is a good idea for this.

Childhood favorite! I snatched this one up as quickly as I could. This one the Newberry Winner.

This book is also included in many homeschool literature lists and guys, it free right now! Grab it. I’ll let you know if I enjoyed it. My inner biblioheart is weeping with happiness.

Click the pictures above to get volumes 1 and 2 of Winnie the Pooh! Yes, you’re welcome! 😉

This is required reading for my highschoolers. I really love how Booker T Washington has a purpose and sets to accomplishing that and explaining the circumstances and how he worked to improve many lives.

MY kids L.O.V.E. G A Henty. ‘Nuff said.

Great historical living book about Robert the Bruce and William Wallace. Our particular Henty favorite.

We read this a few years ago and really enjoyed it! It has a simple faith weaved throughout the book and really just loved how sweet and true the book was.

This is another recommendation from Ambleside online! Man, Amazon is doing amazing at helping us save money right now!

My son and daughter checked this book out multiple times from the library when we were doing American History. I am going to assume they really enjoyed it. I love that it is a dog’s perspective on the Lewis and Clark expedition. Which, by the way, there was a dog on the trail.

You guys! With all the books Ambleside Online recommends, why wouldn’t you want to outsource some of these. Yes, its great for kids to see vocabulary and whatnot but in the younger years its not as important. I am totally excited about all this, I can focus more on working with some of the elder children and their books. Ahhh! YES!

Reformation day is coming up! This would be a fabulous October read aloud.

Another G A Henty! Beric. There are some funny lines in here that are still being quoted by my kids all the time. Beware. 😉

Great for upper grades. I love Paul L. Maier and his work and I snatched this up as a family read aloud. Again, great for winter evenings.

Um, read by Tim Curry?! I have heard interesting things about this book and I’m willing to try now.

There are a NUMBER of C S Lewis available. If they are a series, I only show book 1, just due to space constraint. Click the picture to take you too the link! 

My husband was really excited about this one. I guess he will be listening to audio books soon as well!

What? Another Ambleside online recommendation?! What is this magic?

A HENTY WE HAVEN’T “Read” yet!

Ok! LAST ONE! I really have to make dinner!

I think I’ll put this on after dinner tonight as we wind down for the evening. I think it will be met with cries of joy!

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