Financial Friday~ Grocery Haul, Budget Shopping, and Menu/Meal Planning

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Today is grocery shopping day! Sometimes these days are the dreaded days as I watch the totals go up, or the best day of the week as we see the fridge stocked once again.
I shared on Facebook a Youtube video I had found on meal planning. Now, you all remember that I found that shopping every two weeks, was not really working for me. But seeing that chart made me wonder if this was the way that it would compute with my brain and so I set about writing the meals I had on my freezer in the way that OCD Much? shared. I learned I have breakfasts and dinner’s down with no issue at all but lunches are much harder for me. But, I did it!

This isn’t a complete picture, I needed to go and get lunch going and do more housewife stuff but it is now finished but all my pictures are already uploaded. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought and I still have plenty of meat left over for another week.

I spent a total of $88.98 for a week’s worth for a family of 6 and I may be able to carry enough into next week that maybe I won’t have to go shopping. A woman can dream!


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