Sodbuster Homestead Update: The Garden of Mojave

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This is what our Summer garden looks like. This is why we have Fall and Spring gardens out here in the Mojave desert.

Dying pepper plants, although I will be able to pick a few before we give them to the chickens.

That sunflower plant thinks its a stinkin’ tree!

Getting ready for the Fall planting. Oh yeah! It’s been heavily mulched and remember, we do the Back to Eden style gardening and I have to agree, this is the best thing we have found for our soil. P.S. I think his theology is a little off, so watch with discernment.

The green beans are finally dying. I’ll be sad to loose them. That shade cloth really helped and was fairly inexpensive to build.

The Naked Neck’s are doing wonderfully. We’ll be putting them with the regular chickens as soon as…

We butcher this chickens. 🙁 I can’t believe it is time already! They have been our first chickens ever but if we wait much longer than they will become too tough to eat.

Yesterday and today’s bounty from the homestead.

Well, that’s all folks. Its been a very busy week with school and home activities. I am really hoping to see The War Room this weekend and can’t wait to share my thoughts with you.

1 thought on “Sodbuster Homestead Update: The Garden of Mojave

  1. Cathe

    You are so blessed to have two growing seasons. Here in the midwest, we barely had one. It’s been a cold summer. We are hoping that our peppers and tomatoes will ripen before they freeze.

    We raised a couple Turkens (naked neck) chickens when we lived on the farm. They are so ugly! But they laid eggs, and that was all we really cared about. 🙂


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