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365 Ways you can save money- Day 1

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Nothing will help you save $$ more than having a goal set for yourself. Whether it’s to save $50 a month on groceries to going to Disney land this summer on cash not credit, set yourself a goal. Write it down somewhere where you can see it often. Make a simple chart and watch that color fill itself in. Cut… Read more »

A New month, Financial Update, and a New Series

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Wow. Where has this month flown? A “short” recap of what has been going on: We started the first of January with $0 for our Emergency Fund– we had used it all up in previous months due to, well, emergencies! Our space heater broke, and we need one for the bathroom especially in winter time (it gets 20F in there… Read more »

Kindle Freebies for January 21

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I found quite a few free Christian fiction for Kindle and thought I would share. Let’s stretch that budget further!  Prices subject to change at Amazon’s discretion.                       Over Her Head Chance Adventure Cross My Heart                     Never Say Never Forever… Read more »

2 Week menu plan with recipe links

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(Knock Knock All Out Of Note Pad with Magnet- help with your grocery shopping! Affil. link.) I am trying to keep our grocery budget to $75 per week this month so I am coming up with detailed menu plan using what I have in the freezer and pantry. I use moneysavingmom’s menu sheets to help with my menu plan. We… Read more »

3 Things you can do to save money this month

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  October is always a very expensive month for us; I can always bet the mortgage on it. This month I decided to go on a “no spend” month and try to get ahead of the game. You know what that means right? Murphy took up residence in our home. Why is that guy always making a nuisance of himself?… Read more »

Motherhood, What I don’t regret

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As moms, we all have our regrets: That moment in anger, the moments not taken to cultivate a deeper relationship, a daily healthy meal, and the list could be endless and going on for always. But what about the things we don’t regret! Here are some things that I don’t regret doing, as a mom, and I would like to… Read more »

Silence is golden unless you are a blogger…

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The past week has been quiet here on the blog. I spent a lot of last week trying to catch up on home-school, college-school, household work, and getting the garden ready for Fall. We did manage to get a good batch into the ground. Green beans are already coming up from last weeks planting! Lettuce, Spinach, cabbage, beets, and carrots… Read more »

A Conversation with Mothers

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If we could have a cup of coffee together I would tell you that you are doing a good job.  “How do you know?” You might ask me and I would say, “Because you care. You want to be a good mom. You want to succeed with your children. Because you care, this is how I know you are doing… Read more »

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree–15 Weeks until Christmas project(s).

Guess what?! It is 15 weeks until Christmas! Now, now now, put away the tomatoes! This is a good opportunity to start planning and preparing for the joy that comes with the season. I absolutely LOVE Christmas. Gift-giving is my love language, if you will. I am so humbled and grateful for the ultimate gift given to me by the… Read more »

Book Review: “Diary of a Jackwagon”

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The saying goes, “If mommy aint happy, aint nobody happy!” and I would say that this would make it a perfect day to dive into my new book by Tim Hawkins: The Diary of a Jackwagon. It’s been a crazy week–what can I say? If you know a bit about Tim Hawkins you can guess what this book is about…. Read more »

Pinterest Dinners: Week’s meals review

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So, last week I ended up doing a Pinterest meal every day that week except for Saturday, we ended up eating out that day. I wasn’t able to get pictures of all of the meals due to the fact that I just don’t think of pulling out the camera when my kids are crying for dinners. 😉 But, I’ll let… Read more »

The Monthly Menu Update

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Last month I wrote about I made the monthly menu and then tried to stick by it for the whole month using what I had in the pantry and the freezer. Well, I am super happy to report that I was able to mostly stick with the plan and as of right now, I have some leftover cooked lentils in… Read more »

What Could Today Possibly Bring? Wednesday on the Homestead

It is after 10:30pm. I am enjoying the quiet evening hours. The house is asleep and apart from the dark barking across the street at random intervals, the silence is the only thing I hear. Home-school this week has been a little bit more difficult then the blissful beginning that last week brought us. But, I kind of knew that… Read more »

Sodbuster Homestead Update: The Garden of Mojave

This is what our Summer garden looks like. This is why we have Fall and Spring gardens out here in the Mojave desert. Dying pepper plants, although I will be able to pick a few before we give them to the chickens. That sunflower plant thinks its a stinkin’ tree! Getting ready for the Fall planting. Oh yeah! It’s been… Read more »