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365 Ways You Can Save Money- Day 9

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We have all heard the saying, “When you leave the room, turn off the lights”; according to one source, “if you look at it one way, you could have an hourly wage of $35.88 by taking a couple minutes to ensure the lights are off” (paraphrased). That being said, lets look at it from a different angle. What if you… Read more »

365 Ways You Can Save Money- Day 7 & 8

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Both of these kind of work together so I’m combining into one post. Day 7- Skip buying Miracle Grow and make your own. Composting is so easy. I have a small container on my kitchen counter that we empty almost nightly, onto a bigger pile outside in a designated area. Composting is so easy. We add our kitchen scraps (mainly… Read more »

365 Ways You Can Save Money- Day 4

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Food is one of the biggest ways of American’s waste. The Washington Times reported that Americans waste food more than any other resource, and another source stated that we waste up to 40% of our food. Strangely enough, most people would say that groceries are one of their biggest money pits. One way you can save money is by watching… Read more »

A New month, Financial Update, and a New Series

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Wow. Where has this month flown? A “short” recap of what has been going on: We started the first of January with $0 for our Emergency Fund– we had used it all up in previous months due to, well, emergencies! Our space heater broke, and we need one for the bathroom especially in winter time (it gets 20F in there… Read more »

3 Things you can do to save money this month

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  October is always a very expensive month for us; I can always bet the mortgage on it. This month I decided to go on a “no spend” month and try to get ahead of the game. You know what that means right? Murphy took up residence in our home. Why is that guy always making a nuisance of himself?… Read more »

The Monthly Menu Update

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Last month I wrote about I made the monthly menu and then tried to stick by it for the whole month using what I had in the pantry and the freezer. Well, I am super happy to report that I was able to mostly stick with the plan and as of right now, I have some leftover cooked lentils in… Read more »

What Could Today Possibly Bring? Wednesday on the Homestead

It is after 10:30pm. I am enjoying the quiet evening hours. The house is asleep and apart from the dark barking across the street at random intervals, the silence is the only thing I hear. Home-school this week has been a little bit more difficult then the blissful beginning that last week brought us. But, I kind of knew that… Read more »

Financial Friday- Dave Ramsey on a Budget- Giveaway CLOSED-

I am a huge advocate of Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University. Dave managed to become a millionaire twice and lost it all twice before him came up with this financial course that has helped him stay on the right track for years. He has taken advice from millionaires that still maintain the title and applied their principles and… Read more »

Monday Morning Coffee with Me

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Yes, you read that right. I am drinking coffee. So much for the three week goal right? Oh well. This week on the homestead, we are focusing on getting ready for the new school year and baby girl’s golden birthday! I can’t believe she is going to be 2. Where does the time go? The Meal Plan Includes; (See Note… Read more »

How the 52 Week Money Challenge Saved the Bacon

My three year old son decided one afternoon that he would do the dishes for me. He pulled a Rubbermaid tote up to the counter and proceeded to pull the dishes out of the dish drainer. You probably already guessed the flaw in his plan but I was not fast enough to point out the fact that a Rubbermaid storage… Read more »

College education, Life Insurance, and Four Things I’ve Learned

What does life insurance and college education have in common? Well, for us it became a matter of needing to provide for my family after my husband is gone. Where does obtaining college education fit in all this? Well, I knew I couldn’t squeeze the budget any more to add in life insurance monthly costs. There is nowhere else to… Read more »