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365 Ways You Can Save Money- Day 25

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I talked a bit about ebates to get cash back but there is another way you can earn cash back; Mypoints, Swagbucks, and other like-minded websites offer points which you can “cash in” for gift cards and sometimes paypal amounts. I typically use Mypoints to print coupons and click their 5point-email offers and swagbucks search and polls. I want to… Read more »

365 Ways You Can Save Money- Day 17

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I won’t say I have never bought juice– I know I have, but I don’t remember the last time I bought juice, or chocolate milk, or lemonade, or… the list could go on. My children drink water. Lots of free, good for you, hydrating water. We do Almond Milk for occasional cups but its mostly for recipes and whatnot; the… Read more »

A New month, Financial Update, and a New Series

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Wow. Where has this month flown? A “short” recap of what has been going on: We started the first of January with $0 for our Emergency Fund– we had used it all up in previous months due to, well, emergencies! Our space heater broke, and we need one for the bathroom especially in winter time (it gets 20F in there… Read more »

Kindle Freebies for January 21

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I found quite a few free Christian fiction for Kindle and thought I would share. Let’s stretch that budget further!  Prices subject to change at Amazon’s discretion.                       Over Her Head Chance Adventure Cross My Heart                     Never Say Never Forever… Read more »

Motherhood, What I don’t regret

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As moms, we all have our regrets: That moment in anger, the moments not taken to cultivate a deeper relationship, a daily healthy meal, and the list could be endless and going on for always. But what about the things we don’t regret! Here are some things that I don’t regret doing, as a mom, and I would like to… Read more »

Silence is golden unless you are a blogger…

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The past week has been quiet here on the blog. I spent a lot of last week trying to catch up on home-school, college-school, household work, and getting the garden ready for Fall. We did manage to get a good batch into the ground. Green beans are already coming up from last weeks planting! Lettuce, Spinach, cabbage, beets, and carrots… Read more »

Small-House-Living Series- The 15 minute cleaning challenge

It started with a YouTube video. I thought the concept was interesting so I decided to try it.  I set the time for fifteen minutes and went through each room and just look and saw what 15 minutes would tackle.  Sometimes I would be in the middle of a project when the time went off, and I would just add… Read more »

Me? On Youtube?

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“Do you plan to start your own channel?” Those words jumped at me from the screen. I had left a comment on one of the channels I like to watch and the vlogger saw my name (SodbusterLiving) and asked if I intended to start my own channel.  I decided right then and there that the kitchen needed my immediate attention…. Read more »

A Financial Tip- Planning for Activities on a budget

I get to be a soccer mom this week. I have never been a sports mom. Ever. My daughter does ballet but beyond that, I haven’t really done the whole sports thing. Well, this year we decided to try the Basketball camp offered by the town. The times on these are weird. 11:00am-1:00. You eat before, its more time for… Read more »