Is This Devotional Worth the Hype it is Given?

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I have seen this book floating around the home-school community and I wasn’t sure what the hype was about. First of all, generally speaking, the kid devotionals are so watered down that either you have a lot of fluff and not a lot of scripture, or so much details that they kids are zoning out and its all lost on ya.

I really struggle with devotionals to begin with. One verse and a bunch of man interpretation and stories behind why this was applicable in his/her life or why it should be in ours. Sometimes its not even a full verse.  When I began Indescribable, it was the first thing that stuck out at me. One short verse and a lot of words not from the Bible for a “devotional,” and while to a certain extent it still does bug me, I never used this for our main Bible curriculum or study or even *devotional*, and I think that helped a lot.  And that would be my one negative things about Indescribable— if it is the only scripture your children are getting on a daily basis, I don’t think it is enough. However, if Bible study is a large implementation of your day, then its totally fine.

But while we started off with my shackles all raised up, being that this was a hyped book, and that generally means its watered down to be palatable, and that we barely get scripture, I would say the focus of Indescribable isn’t so much about interpreting scripture for children, as much as it is showing God in our every day life and how that works in our spiritual one.

Each day gives us an opening scripture, then we go into some detail about a science fact, whether it be the owl butterfly, or and indescribable number, all the way to how our eyes work. Gigilo tells us the science facts about whatever the day topic is about, and then ties it in how this works out in our life, whether we need to be afraid and put protective coloring on to hide from our enemies that would devour us, to using our eyes to take in the wonders of God’s creation and being careful with what we see, to how we can’t count the thoughts God has towards us.

The day closes with a fact about some part of creation that has an indescribably feature to it, and then it is finished in prayer.

We used Indescribable as a simple science text while I figured out what we were going to do for a main science text book. I added projects where we drew the beautiful corpses flower, we watched a video online about the pistol shrimp, we did play dough creations, and more.

In the end, this is book I felt that all ages of the children were able to follow along and get something out of. It was too long and too sophisticated in words that it was incomprehensible for all ages/grades, but that I too, was able to walk away reflecting and learning something new. And that, my fellow moms, is why I really would recommend this book and why I think you need this book. Learn alongside your children. Learn about how God works in the “smallest” of details.

Louis Giglio came out with a second book and I am counting down the days when it will be in our hands and we can dive into its contents.

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