Letters From Afar, A Monthly Subscription You Can Afford!

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Do you enjoy receiving something in the mail every month that is not a bill? Of course! We all do! I heard about this monthly subscription “box” from my friend, Angel. Angel shared this with me months ago and I confess I put it off and put it off not wanting to buy into something I really had no idea if I would love or not. I saw her pictures and just kept watching. Soon, the fire was lit and I was ready to purchase my first month as well as an add-on for another month we had missed. WHY DID I HOLD OUT FOR SO LONG!?!?!?!?!

Please, check them out for yourself here: https://lettersafar.com/










Each month we receive a beautiful letter from our friend and penpal “Isabelle”. Isabelle gets to travel the world and she loves to write us these beautifully illustrated letters that describe some of the sights she has seen, a greeting in their own language, and sometimes even a flag of that particular country will be painted on the letter. The letter itself is written on recycled material as much as possible. The brown paper holds a vintage charm. The envelope they arrive in are decorated with an “air mail” stamp that just adds to the charm and beauty. Included are 2 stamps and boy does it bring back the good old days when I reminiscence about my stamp collecting years. The children adore these and eagerly wait for the next letter to arrive.














In my quest for giving my children a living education (As Charlotte Mason called it), I find that small details like this really and truly teach more to my children the geography of the world around them as well as the culture. I would love to be able to write that I had pulled out my maps and we have followed Isabelle, but as of yet, (and this is our third month) I have not done so. But, I will. This would also be great to use with the Charlotte Mason resource Material World and Hungry Planet.  I believe my friend Angel will even cook up a meal relating to that country as well as check out book from the library about said country as well. What can I say, that is one dedicated and amazing mama!

So, what got me started? Well, I LOVE the idea of subscription boxes! Seriously! I LOVE our Family Reading Crate we get from Buildyourlibrary.com as well as the two TinkerBox crates we have received.
But the commitment and price is always a huge factor. Somehow, someway I have to make sure I can commit time to doing this. I love STEM related resources, as well as more family togetherness around a new book. Please, do not mistake my meaning in that. However, I have to make sure I have set aside time to be available to help my children with the Tinker Crates especially. There is always help mom needs to be on hand for and in the end, I have to store it. For my children, while the project was fun to play with once it was done, it was the constructing it that was the best part. With my letter subscription I am receiving a letter: a letter that I get to read out loud and beyond that is up to my imagination. I have plans. I have ambitions. My children want to write Isabelle. This. This is what it is all about. I had to share this with you all. The price for this, are you ready? $6 a month! (subject to change at owner’s discretion). SIX DOLLARS! I can do that. AND THEY CAN SHIP INTERNATIONALLY!

After all was said and done and my video edited and uploaded (you can check that out at the bottom of this post), I then learned about the good that this company is doing for others. On their website they share that they send a, “portion of all proceeds go directly to a fantastic nonprofit called Pencils of Promise. ”

So, please take a few minutes, check them out on their
website: https://lettersafar.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lettersafar/
and Instagram: http://instagram.com/letters.from.afar

And do yourself a favor, get one month. See how much your family enjoys them. Build a culture experience right in your own home and affordably!

4 thoughts on “Letters From Afar, A Monthly Subscription You Can Afford!

  1. Kelly P

    Can you share how much postage is each month? I see the subscription is $6 plus postage. When I bought a subscription just now, it tacked on $6 for shipping, so I want to make sure that is not how much it will be each month, in addition to the monthly fee.

      1. Kelly P

        Thank you! And for anyone else reading, I chose the annual subscription, so the additional $6 charged to me when I checked out was the postage for the entire year. So I will not be charged again for the fee or postage. I’m looking forward to getting our first letter!


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