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“Do you plan to start your own channel?”

Those words jumped at me from the screen. I had left a comment on one of the channels I like to watch and the vlogger saw my name (SodbusterLiving) and asked if I intended to start my own channel.  I decided right then and there that the kitchen needed my immediate attention.

Blogging is so much easier. You can set up the perfect picture. You can delete and rewrite your words so that they sound better. You can be real but you don’t have to be that real. Vlogging… oh dear. Could I do it?  Could I feel comfortable in front of a camera knowing that I still need to loose 40 pounds? Could I do it knowing that I have crooked teeth and stumble over my words a lot?  Could I do it wondering all the time if we were really that interesting? I can barely figure out how to edit photos let alone Youtube videos.

So, what is the answer? Well, to be honest, I am not sure. I couldn’t help but about the thousands of memes about how we need to show the unperfected reality of ourselves and not be model perfect.  But, I am not sure I should be the one to change the world on that score.

Why people watch Youtube channels? Is it like a favorite TV show where you want to keep up with all the episodes? Do you learn from your subscribed channels? Is it to grab “Mommy Time” and still feel slightly productive? I know for myself I answer “yes” to all of these and even include the fact that they are generally less than 20 minutes which is shorter than a TV episode and I can knock out a few rows in my knitting and still feel accomplished.  Would I still feel that way if I was to create my own channel? And what on earth would I film?

So, unfortunately, I am unsure on what the outcome will be. Do you like to watch channels on Youtube? What inspire you on there?

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