Mundane Monday: Mom’s survival tactics

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The weekend is over. The weekends always seem so busy of household events for us! We went swimming as a family, the first time this year! We also did more kitchen renovations, set the chickens loose in the garden, we decluttered again in the children’s room, did our monthly recycling haul, and of course, planned for baby girl’s second birthday. That was not a big hullabaloo but it did involve introducing the children to Smore’s and being creative about finding a way to do gluten-free graham crackers, which were not to be found in our town, and chocolate that did not have an obscene amount of sugar in it.

But after the weekend, comes Monday. Why is Monday so easy and complicated at the same time? I love Mondays. I have no schedule on the weekend because my husband has different things he needs to do and it works out to be too hard and stressful for all of us to have a schedule that maybe doesn’t fit with what he has in mind. I have routines like, cleaning after mealtime, Outside time in the morning before it gets to hot but I really don’t have a set to-do that has to be accomplished weekly. But come Monday, man, I am ready to go, I get so much of my cleaning accomplished, however, it seems like the children have no idea to get back into our regular schedule.

So, today I came up with 5 things that I can use as a mom survival tactics:

1. Walk away for a bit. Unless you are afraid for their safety, walk away for a little bit and cool down. I went outside and hung the laundry up. I use to go and eat a candy bar, but on my new way of eating, I can’t do that so the next best thing is to hang laundry up right? It took ten minutes and I was able to calmly address the situation and address the attitudes and set a more peaceful tone.

2. Deal with the Situation. Just venting your frustration about what is not getting done or the attitudes that are happening does not change anything. Have your children, or anyone for that matter, change the atmosphere by your outburst of frustration? Usually it builds on that and it gets worse. Your sigh does not make those dishes clean. I’ve tried, its not the magic sign or whisper to get the cleaning fairies out. Just get to it and change whatever needs changing. Don’t forget to smile.

3. At the breakfast table, ie. early in the day, plan out the day with the children. I found that if my children know what needs to be done that day, even if its nothing new, then they kind of know what to expect. As spontaneous as children are, they really do like structure and routine. That has to be the number one thing that seasoned parents always tell me.

4. Pray I probably say this a lot, but that direct line to the Creator and Lord of all is my lifeline! Since He can give me strength and wisdom, I am like, “Lord, yes please! Give me patience RIGHT NOW!” and then I swallow the words as their meaning sinks into me. But, prayer is just one way to show the children your dependence on God. What a powerful impact that would make in their minds as they learn from your words and example of the Christian walk. I think that would give more impact than any teaching you could give them. Think about it, what teacher inspired you most in school, and why?

5. Dress up. Does that sound weird? It does to me. I typically throw on the closest thing to my hands and oss my hair up in a pony tail and I am off for the day. Flip flops because I don’t need to do anything special and yeah, away I go. Taking the time to do my hair, even in a nice pony tail because lets face it, a mom of four kids under 8 needs a quick hair do and not a 20 minute thing, can be such a physiological impact that it just makes you feel better. The shirt that doesn’t have leftover PPJ on it, or the skirt that doesn’t have spaghetti sauce can really make you feel dressed up. You don’t need that little black dress. You just need something clean and coordinated. Maybe I am the only one that has that problem. Hmmm. If I am feeling really adventurous or need a particularly good day I will do the 5 minute make-up. So doing all that is like putting on my mom armor. I feel like I can tackle the world.

So, what tips do you have for me? Did you find this helpful? I hope this did. I mulled over today what I do to turn my day around and I found that consistently I do these things. I just never knew I had put myself in that intentional habit.

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