Why This New Series Will Be Wonderful For Living Bookshelves

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“I know of an author writing a series that I think you will be interested in.” And with that, my mom had me hook, line, and sinker.

The story of Maylie and the Maze is a young readers novel about a would-be writer that enjoys time away in England with her “annoying” twin brother, Camden, aunt, and Grandma. While I don’t want to completely give the entire plot away, I will say that you get to walk with Maylie as she navigates trying to find her voice among writers and follow her dreams of becoming an author. She meets up with a friend at a writing class and the two of them bond over books and cats. Once they figure out their plot for the next big book they take of at ah-maze-ing progress.

The author almost danced that line of too much sibling squabbles that is too much for me. I understand squabbles but it was almost every time they were together. At the same time, I commend the author for showing that growth in their relationship. Maylie gets frustrated but you also see her work on trying to better her mischievous brother as well as not take it all too personally. I mention this because I know some of my homeschool mom friends would be bothered by that relationship. Stick it out til the end. 😉 Honestly, my favorite part about this book was the information about England, terminology, historical points and information, and more. It really was the best part of the book in my opinion. And while I don’t know if this will be a reoccuring theme throughout the rest of M. L. Tarpley’s books, I did like how the author brought in a classic work and had that as a common thread throughout the story. I know that my Catie-bug will enjoy this book and it really has a Usborne book feel to it, that whimsical cute story line!

M. L. Tarpley wrote a companion young writers kit that would go well with this book. While I would recommend this book mainly for it’s subtle aspect of learning about different geography culture and surroundings, if you are a homeschooling mom, why not also subtly add an English aspect to this and call it good? Find more about that on M. L. Tarpley’s website.

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