365 Ways to Save Money- Day 38

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I caught myself doing something lately. Something that is costing our family more money than it should. Money that could easily be saved for something worthwhile. Do you want to know what it is? Replacing things. Does that make you scratch your head? Lemme explain.
Quite often I see ripped clothes and I add them to the recycling pile and instead of just one pair, I’ll end up picking up 2-3 pairs (so I don’t have to go finding another pair when the next one gets a hole) but pretty soon I am scratching my own head trying to figure out where all the excess clothes came from. I don’t just do this to clothes though…

Games. I am VERY bad at games. Monopoly is not complete? Toss it, I’ll replace it. Connect Four doesn’t have enough pieces? That is ok, I’ll do another one. And so on and so forth. I need to address my issue. But it made me think of many other things I do this with and then I began wondering if it was just something I did? I know for a fact, it is not. I calculated I could save around $50-$100 a year by not replacing things. Now, by this I do not mean we run around in our underwear all day, due to lack of jeans. Nor do I mean that the kids will never have anything to do because I have gotten rid of it all. BUT, maybe without things being replaced, we (cause I can’t pin ALL of it on my children) all will take better care of what we have or figure out a solution without having to replace.

What could you do with an extra $50-$100?

2 thoughts on “365 Ways to Save Money- Day 38

  1. Rita Neve

    Did you know companies will replace lost game pieces free?? Great way to replace without expense. I once contacted Crayola because son ate daughters gold crayon. I couldn’t afford a new box of 96 which at that time was the only Ibox with a good crayon. Crayola sent me two gold crayons free I have also used other things to represent game tokens–little sonic toys etc for missing pieces. Keep game pieces from games you do toss for future games.


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