365 Ways You Can Save Money- Day 13

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One of the common statements I get about being gluten-free is how expensive it is. If you are trying to replace everything you have been eating in the past with the gluten-free option, I quite agree with you! Gluten-free chicken nuggets are expensive; boxed cookie mixes are very expensive. However, if you rethink the way you are eating and making purchases, it isn’t as expensive as you would imagine. Don’t do chicken nuggets, instead make an orange chicken recipe that everyone will enjoy and can easily be made in the crockpot. Dominos gluten-free pizza has nothing on this delicious pizza crust that you can create a wonderful delicious meal with. Snacks seem to be the hardest for everyone; now might be the best time to bring in the fruit and veggies and cheese snacks! Healthy, hearty, and yes will take a little getting use too but don’t consider a lost battle a lost war.

One more tip, a lot of people replace soy-sauce with a gluten-free version. So expensive! Instead use a liquid aminos which is a GMO-free, gluten-free soy sauce!

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