365 Ways You Can Save Money- Day 16

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How often do you buy paper towels? Is it a once a week thing? Once a month? I am pretty sure the last time I bought paper towels, was 2014. I remember lamenting spending $6, three years after our marriage because we had ran out of paper towels and I had to buy some. Now, we do use them. I have yet to figure out a way, outside of my fingers, to grease a bread pan or some other kind of dish. Spray oils are not a frugal option, but that is another post. When we have babies in the house, and I mean baby-babies (0-12 months), I love have paper towels for floor spit ups and other yucky smells that accumulate over the hours. For the most part, however, I keep a ton of old rags in a box labeled “old rags” (imagination at its finest) and yucky spills are cleaned up with rags that we can boil or if it gets nasty enough, throw away. We wash counter-tops, stoves, and every other things with kitchen rags. I never knew people used paper towels so often until I was helping a friend with cleaning her kitchen up and asked for the kitchen rag. She handed me the roll of paper towels. Dishes went into the dishwasher and the paper towels were for everything else. What about windows? Yes, sometimes I use them for windows but for the most part I used leftover newspaper, or ad paper that comes in the mail once a week. Making small changes can add more dollars to your pocket.

2 thoughts on “365 Ways You Can Save Money- Day 16

  1. Sharon B

    I find that if I have them on hand, we use paper towels so quickly. So I buy one roll on my weekly shopping trips. Knowing only one roll is coming into the house, folks aren’t so quick to grab when a kitchen rag works perfectly.


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