365 Ways You Can Save Money- Day 27

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day27Now that we all know my one-weakness (cough, sputter, grimace– note of sarcasm?) aka- reading, lets talk about books. I mentioned the great resource we have in your local library where you can get free books, but there is another way as well.  Using your Kindle, you can get free and discounted books. There is much research that shows that patrons still prefer the feel of a good book in their hands. I admit, I am one of those people that thrive on the feel of a good book in my hands, I love the crackle of the spine as I open the book, and the smell of fresh ink on the pages. I also love over-priced specialty coffee, pricey planners, and Melissa and Doug toys– doesn’t mean my budget can afford them!

I really love Christian fiction. Its a nice escape from the toils of life, see someone else struggle and have the same thoughts we do, and then watch it all come out all right in the end. It’s very satisfactory. However, these kind of books, you read once and pass them along. As a mom, I don’t often finish these books within the three weeks of library or I have to set them aside for a season and pick it up again. Very different from my young adult life when I was reading 2-3 books a week, I can tell you! I use sites like, ereadergirl.com, christianfictionebooks.blogspot.com/, and inspiredreads.com. They offer daily lists of free or discounted Kindle deals. Prices are subject to change quickly but I have found so many books I have wanted to read, at discounted prices or even free. I haven’t really had to buy any fiction books in a while, (except those from my favoritest authors!) and my heart is happy and my kindle full.

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