365 Ways You Can Save Money- Day 35

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Day25When you have a carton of ice cream, don’t you try to squeeze every last bite out of it? What about the Ketchup bottle? The salad dressing? Peanut butter? This might seem like a very extreme cheapskate tip but there is a mental process behind all this. When you take the extra steps to get every last drop, crumb, blob from the bottles, cans, etc that you have paid for, you are mentally starting to become more mindful of making every penny count. Today it will be those jars, tomorrow it will be the towels, the month after that it will be another, and another and another and soon the frugal mindset will create more room in the monthly budget and more money in the pocket.

Tip: pouring filtered water (1/4-1/2 cup) into jars like salad dressing, spaghetti sauce jars, ketchup, etc, shake it all up really well and use it to flavor soups and casseroles. Adds a really yummy flavor.

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