Canadians In Space: A Study for All That You’ll Want to See

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When I was approached by Amanda Cunningham, author of the Canadian Space Unit Study, I was humbled and excited. Canada is probably a bit dear to my heart because while I have never actually been there, my husband was born there and I feel like its a part of our heritage. Even more coincidental was the fact that we are studying astronomy in our homeschool this year.

        “Canada’s history is important for us to understand, especially in relation to where our
country is today. Many of the ideas and people that shaped our country have made it
what it is. If we don’t understand where we came from, we will lose focus on where we are headed. These unit studies are designed to make history come alive for students in a way that will engage them, in the hope that they will become leaders and changers in our world.”

Amanda Cunningham wanted the unit study to reflect the Charlotte Mason idea of “living” and not just a bunch of dry facts and dates. What I loved most about this unit study was that it was for grades 1-12! This girl knows homeschool mamas!  It is important to me that I can work as many subjects together as a family and I love curriculum, unit studies, etc. that help facilitate that desire. The unit will cover appox. 8 weeks and has hands on activities, youtube videos that can be watched, and of course, my favorite, BOOK LISTS!

I had hoped to get a few lessons in before I wrote this post, but unfortunately I needed to do an easy week in school and adding something new in the day was just not going to work out at this time. However, glancing over the material, I appreciate all the work that went into this, I love how simple it is laid out (Hallelujah), and how thorough. Not only am I getting science and history, but the extra activity links given are fantastic ways that I can branch out and get creative with the kids. Seriously! She even includes a astronaut in training packet that NASA has put out so that you can really get an idea of all that goes into becoming and astronaut. Students have the opportunity to do more study on their own, answer questions such as,

    “Do you think the United States would have reached so many milestones in space history without the help of these Canadian engineers?”

They also get to create a broadcast as well as have an astronaut mission journal. Again, this unit study is simply laid out to be completed at a leisurely pace of 8 weeks or a slightly more structured work pace of 4 weeks. I recommend doing the 8 and just enjoying the time.

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This curriculum was given to me for my honest review, all thoughts are my own.

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