Did I Find This Devotional To Meet Devotional Standards?

In recent years, there have some published works that have been categorized in ways that can leave me puzzled. Probably the biggest one is the genre that I would say is Christian Living, but categorized as devotion. So when I signed up for a free copy of Truly Known, I went in with little to zero expectations. Does this sound… Read more »

3 Recent Purchases from Amazon that I am LOVING

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I can’t believe this book dropped 60%! For less than $10, this was a fantastic addition to our homeschool library! Purchase, Watercolor With Me In The Forest. See the other’s in the series here. My 7 year old has been making a bunch of pot holders from this kit refill! Who remembers the good old days?! But here is a… Read more »

Why This New Series Will Be Wonderful For Living Bookshelves

“I know of an author writing a series that I think you will be interested in.” And with that, my mom had me hook, line, and sinker. The story of Maylie and the Maze is a young readers novel about a would-be writer that enjoys time away in England with her “annoying” twin brother, Camden, aunt, and Grandma. While I… Read more »

At Heaven’s Edge Book Review and Why I Enjoyed It So Much

I requested this book from Celebrate Lit in exchange for my free and honest review. “After we transferred over to patient care, I took one last look at Matthew. ‘Its hard to be so involved and then to suddenly have to let go.‘” I have a son that wants to be a fireman and a daughter that would like to… Read more »

My Struggle With this Devotional and How it Won Me Over

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When I first started reading this book, I was intrigued but also had some serious concerns. Let me start out by saying that I requested this book, and then wondered why on earth I did so. I have taken the Enneagram test before and I was placed a 9, and then as I was reading deeper into my Bible I… Read more »

Historical Audible Books included With Prime That You Need to Take Advantage Of

Amazon has some fantastic books ready for free download right now for PRIME members. I saw some fantastic titles and had to share with you.   We love anything by Elizabeth George Speare. Now, I have read all her books, except this one. We just haven’t had the opportunity to own it! Now I have it in my audible library… Read more »

Season of Hope- A Christian Fiction Book Review

“The only season in her life these past few years had been a brown, dead winter. Life marched on. Days, months, and years passed by, but her winter never changed to spring.” Hope is surviving the day to day life with her son, Mattie. After seeing the new preacher and finding that he is way to attractive she is determined… Read more »

Clean Children’s Literature That You Should Check Out

I read a lot this year, 100 so far, to be exact. But the biggest kick off for children’s literature always comes in March. Every year a few of my favorite BookTubers (YouTube book chats) do a Middle Grade March marathon and its all about reading Middle Grade during the month of March. Covid helped a lot this year. I… Read more »

Expectations When You’re in a Financial Journey

Drop the expectation cycle! The things that generally are the sneaky money consumers are the things we expect. Birthday parties with themed plates, napkins, and whatnot. Christmas with everyone getting x-number of toys per kid at certain value, etc. Be upfront with your kids. Explain what is going to happen so that expectation is low, and see what you can… Read more »

3 Unpopular Ways to Start Save Money This Month

That’s it! It’s the month we’re taking charge of our finances and going to move forward with the intention on being the boss of our money rather than its employee. Money talks are scary right now. There are even rumors about us heading into a recession and I get it, while you can’t take to heart every bad news that… Read more »

Is This Devotional Worth the Hype it is Given?

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I have seen this book floating around the home-school community and I wasn’t sure what the hype was about. First of all, generally speaking, the kid devotionals are so watered down that either you have a lot of fluff and not a lot of scripture, or so much details that they kids are zoning out and its all lost on… Read more »

3 Simple Ways Busy Moms Can Conquer Nature Study

I love fall. The air is crisp and cooler after a long hot summer. For us here in the desert, the garden’s perk up. The leaves turn either yellow or brown to let us know their season is over. The children rush out of doors first thing and enjoy being in the outdoors. We hear birds more easily. The bees… Read more »

Author Spotlight; Why You Should be Reading This one

The first book I ever picked up by Gloria Whelan was her National Book Award Winning, Homeless Bird.  It was a very moving story about a young Indian widow, only thirteen. Koly is in a very poor family and ends up being given in marriage away for the price of a dowry that her parents end up receiving. The “man”… Read more »

5 of the Best Children’s Books Worth Reading This Summer

Book lists are my one weakness. I know I have mentioned this before, but its true. However, when I am trying to find books to read, sometimes there are so many that I have already read that I begin to wonder if there is anything new under the sun. Hint: there’s not. But there are a vast number of opinions… Read more »