Earth Day on the Homestead | A Sodbuster way to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

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I love earth day. I love it. I love green plants, flowers and trees and trying to protect it all. I love honey bees and very sad about us loosing a lot of them due to the modern world we live in. I love homesteading and am very sad with the way life has become that we have to fight so hard to be self-sufficient, not just with earth but with bureaucratic as well. I love reusing what we have and being careful not to be wasteful. I love seeing how resourceful we can be. I love the idea of recycling and reusing as much as possible in order to tame down the landfill. I love the idea of going back to “simple” times.

I always remember Almanzo’s mother using every single scrap so that there was no waste (apple cores, peelings the whole apple had a purpose!). I remember books where they would use soup bones to make delicious broth for a cold winter’s eve. I remember flour sacks being reused to make little girl dresses. Scraps turned into gorgeous quilts.
This is how I view Earth Day. It’s not about buying the eco-friendly products but having less waste.

I’ve always been inspired by the Willow Series. Her entire lifestyle is all about the past time. Everything was centered around being self-reliant. These two women lived decades before being immersed into our culture and they could see our wasteful society. (Granted, the book is not all about that but since it is relevant and since it works with this post, I’m using it.) Our planet would change so very much if people concentrated not so much on being “eco-friendly” and carbon footprint but more focused on being less wasteful. Just talk to the grandparents of this generation. Just look around next time you are in public at the over flowing trash cans.

Simple ideas for being earth minded;
– Compost. Kitchen scraps can easily be used for putting nutrients back into our earth. If you do not want a decomposing pile of kitchen scraps growing in your back yard, dig a whole, once a week pour your scraps in and fill it in. I must tell you though, it makes the richest soil. our best harden beds have come from our compost pile.
Keep a compost bucket on the counter to collect the kitchen scraps. You can cut a lemon and place it at the bottom to keep the smell down should it get there. I haven’t really found us keeping it inside longer than a day to really need it. I have used a Mountain High Yogurt container for mine.

-Keep three trash cans. Don’t cringe! I actually have 4 containers. I have one for recycles that I can get return cash on. I have a recycle bag for plastic, tin, etc. I have a trash can (diapers, yes, I am wasteful in that dept.) and I have a burn trash where I place anything that can be burned, tissues, paper, junk mail, paper towel spills, anything that won’t melt when its being burned. We do not have a trash service. Once a month we go to the dump with our trash, we go to the recycling center and we have a metal trash can that we burn the rest of the trash in. You can use the ashes on your composting.

– Shop thrift stores first. Not only is this helpful on the wallet, but it is better. So many clothes are taken to the dump. I know, my neighbor use to work out there and he would tell of the truck loads thrift stores would bring full of clothes and other stuff. It’s sickening.

– Pick up trash. Do you walk? DO you take your kids to the park? Pick up the trash. For us it only takes 5-10 minutes. We all wipes our hands afterwards and a little germX. It’s not the most pleasant thing but it looks so much better afterwards.

– Think before you act. Is it useful? Will it help in your life? Will you throw it away soon? Do you need it? There is obvious so many factors. We all know how much I love my planner and it seems hypocritical to be writing the post when I use a lot of paper and stickers but yes, in the long run this is useful to me. I use it and I am not forgetful because of the accessories I use. However, I do think before making a sticker purchase.

-Reusable bags! Keep a container in the car with them. Get into the habit of placing your purse with it so that you will not forget to use it. Such a simple thing. It won’t be 100% at first but over time it definitely gets better.

-Set the example. Our children are watching. Children are the most nature people I know. They collect rocks in their pockets. Tree Bark as food in the play house. Leaves for salad. Mud pies. Let them be children just teach them to keep order when they are done.

What are some ways you celebrate Earth Day?

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