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My deepest apologies to those on the tour and was waiting for my review yesterday. We had a family emergency and I could never get the time to sit down and write this. But if you have been waiting for this review, its about to get even better.

My daughter woke up crying from stomach pain and running a fever. So we rushed to the ER to confirm my husband’s and my suspicions– appendicitis. While in the ER we watched Hallmark after Hallmark movie. There was something comforting in knowing that all was going to work out in the end while waiting for your daughter to go into surgery. As we watched each one I couldn’t help but this of this book, A New Hope for Christmas, and how it should fit right in with the Hallmark genre.

This book opens up with our two main characters recovering from the loss of their spouse. Throughout the book, one of the characters, Sam, really struggles with the idea of a loving God when he is going through so much misery. For Laura, she is leaning on the everlasting arms, as it were, and wanting to show Sam just how loving our Heavenly Father is and how He is watching over us.

While this feel-good story has a lot readers will enjoy, one element frustrated me. It’s a personal pet peeve, but I really don’t enjoy the idea that someone chooses not to believe in God because He didn’t meet their every whim and need. Sometimes people just choose to simply not believe in Him and it doesn’t have anything to do with their circumstances. Its the hardest thing to accept but its there. In this story, Sam is a professor, like God’s Not Dead films. He was hurt and therefore he chooses not to believe in God because this is what God did to him. Its just one of those pet peeves…

This book is a cup of good cheer! If you need a book to just read and enjoy some down time, this romance should fit the bill. If you love dogs in stories, then check this book out. It was a sweet read and made me smile as I watched those Hallmark movies.

About the Book

Book: A New Hope for Christmas

Author: Erin Stevenson

Genre: Christian Christmas Fiction

Release date: December, 2021

Tour Dates: November 4 – November 17

9781522303237This Christmas, Two Lost and Broken Families Need Restoration.

Sam Jarrett was just starting to explore spiritual things when his world was shattered. Now, he’s completely turned his back on God. Laura Preston is a devoted believer, leaning heavily on her faith to get her through each tortured day.

Two Chance Meetings Spark a Friendship and a Glimmer of Hope.

Sam battles God’s prodding through Laura’s gentle, caring spirit. When another tragedy strikes on Christmas Eve, Sam is sure that God has completely deserted him. Laura tries to show Sam that God loves him and has been there all the time, but how can Sam trust when he has no faith?

A New Hope for Christmas is a story of restored faith in a God who never leaves us, even when we can’t see or feel Him near.


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About the Author

erinstevensonErin Stevenson has been writing fiction since 2014. She has published independently with Pelican Book Group and Winged Publications and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers.

Writing is like breathing to Erin. Stories are running through her mind during most of her waking hours, and by the time she sits down at the computer, the words flow and time ceases to exist.

Erin was raised in Illinois and has lived in many places in the U.S., including on both coasts, but is a Midwest girl at heart. She spent many years as an educator from pre-school through college levels, and currently works in training and internal communications for a global corporation.

When she’s not writing, Erin loves spending time with her children and grandchildren, and playing in the garden (which equates to mostly pulling weeds) at her central Iowa home. Her secret indulgence is plain M&Ms.


More from Erin

Dealing with loss is a universal, shared experience. One of the most difficult things about losing someone is enduring the special days and holidays with a gaping hole in your life and memory.

In November, 2019, I saw a post on social media seeking prayers for a family in Texas who had been in a car accident. The father and one child died, the mother and the other child survived. That inspired me to write a short story about how the grieving family got through their first holidays, and when I discovered the Christmas Extravaganza opportunity, I expanded and modified it to fit. I love when real-life gives me inspiration to write.

One of the sub-themes I wanted to include in the book was the importance of having a support network, no matter what your circumstances. The book’s main female character, Laura, had a network comprised of family, church family, and co-workers. They made the difference in her ability to cope during her time of loss.

Sometimes, I’ve made better use of a support network than others. In one of the darkest times of my life, I withdrew into my shell and wonder now if I would have weathered that storm in a better way had I reached out to the many people who wanted to help.

Are you part of a support network? If not, can you think of a way to become involved with one?

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  1. Bea LaRocca

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this story, it sounds like a good read. On a personal note, I hope that your daughter is doing well


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