What Could Today Possibly Bring? Wednesday on the Homestead

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It is after 10:30pm. I am enjoying the quiet evening hours. The house is asleep and apart from the dark barking across the street at random intervals, the silence is the only thing I hear. Home-school this week has been a little bit more difficult then the blissful beginning that last week brought us. But, I kind of knew that was coming and was prepared for it. My darling children, however, did not get that memo. Hence the reason that I am getting this blog post up so late on a Wednesday evening. You take what you can get right?

The dining room table has been cleaned off of dinner and of the leftover school session we had afterwards; and now it is cluttered with post-it notes of various colors,textbooks,college ruled paper, pens, and a good cup of tea. Do you want reality folks? See this table? And the couch mess? This is reality. I wish I could keep a Pinterest Perfect work area. But I can’t. I can’t do Marie Kondo and be able to keep everything in a neat little organized box. Its in constant use. When the children are done, I have to correct it, by the time I am finished correcting, filing, and/or copying then it is time for the children to use it again.

I won’t spend all my energy writing about how I would like things. I do, however, intend to get better about keeping it tidy but for now, it is what it is and my energy is more in what we’re eating, what we’re learning, and are teh dishes and laundry done.

Speaking of stuff and tidiness, I had to make a trip to the thrift store today to drop off a box of clothes that we were done with. That always means we have to check out what’s inside! I did find a bike for my daughter, I thought it was larger than the one size she already has but mu husband thinks that its just the same size. Drat. It was $5, I know I can get my money back on that by selling it on the local page. I found these books that I will be using for School and “pleasure” reading and the game cards for the kidlets. Total Spent- $5.25

And then I also went to the Christian Book Store we have here in town. I love that place. I could easily spend a fortune there. But, I went in for a devotional for my daughter and a children’s Bible for my son. I have been keeping my eye out in the thrift stores but haven’t seen any. Spent- $26.63 + tax

I am so thankful that I put money aside every month for home-school items. It came in handy for the two trips today! Total Spent $31.88, that being $1.88 over my budget. Thankful for the change in my purse!

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  1. Charissa

    The library has books in the historical fiction genre. They are not shelved in one spot, but they have a similar “look” to them, so you can find them fairly easily when walking through the shelves 🙂 Ann Rinaldi is another historical fiction author (and her books will be shelved together since they are by her).


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