One of Our Favorite Read Aloud and A Kindle eBook Sale

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I wanted to share this Kindle Sale written by one of our favorite authors, Arleta Richardson. In recent months we have been using the In Grandma’s Attic Series, as our evening dinner-table read aloud.

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, you know you have a great read book when your kids are begging you for more, and this was definitely the case for the Grandma’s Attic Series. The series is made up of several stories, or maybe memories is a more fitting term, of Grandma sharing her days with her granddaughter (the author). I would read one of these stories and stick the bookmark in to mark the starting place for the following day when the children would beg for another chapter, or story. The table would break out into laughter over the time Grandma dressed the pig up or Uncle Roy teased Mable (Grandma) over being scared of the dark and ended up loosing his new slate pencil! Each story has a subtle lesson that can be learned and gleaned over time. I have caught the older ones (the ones that can read) sneak ahead to the next chapter, while the younger ones pretend that they can read just so they can get another story in.

I happened to run across another series that Arleta Richardson wrote. These are currently, at the time of publishing this post, on sale for less than one dollar apiece. However, only the first two are available, but you can bet your knickers that I grabbed them in order to be armed and prepapred for when the Grandma’s Attic series in completed.

Click the pictures below to grab your copy of Arleta Richardson’s series, Beyond The Orphan Train, books one and two)

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