Three Things I Do as a SAHM to Bring in Income

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It’s not a new phenomenon, women have been resourceful at bringing extra income in for their family for centuries. Egg money, babysitting, laundry, etc! Sometimes I think it’s easy to get into a rut of what to do when we are faced with so much we have to do that we are unsure of what we have time to do. What can a stay-at-home-mom of many do to help bring income in? These are just three simple things I do weekly to bring extra income in for our family.

1. I do online blogging work for another blog. Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom has shared numerous articles about being a virtual assistant. I actually stumbled upon this job and have been so blessed by it. I do not make this a full-time job and so I don’t earn what a lot of people generally do, but I am happy with our numbers and it has helped us every month.

2. Resale. Social Media has changed so much in the past few years that it has become so easy to make a few extra dollars here and there. Reselling items that we no longer need or even on commission for others have really helped us in tight months. Again, I won’t be the next female in the TIMES relating how I make thousands monthly reselling second hand but neither do I look a gift horse in the mouth. Every dollar adds up quickly and pretty soon I can have an extra $50 in my pocket from just selling a stack of stuff that would have normally gone to the thrift store. And then I take that money, go to the thrift store and make what we need stretch a bit further.

3. Hobby selling. I sell my hobbies. I knit when we’re watching a family movie or waiting at a stoplight, for my children to finish their weekly activity, or even at the doctor’s office. My hands stay busy moving the stitches back and forth, from one needle to the next. If I kept everything I made, we would be lining walls with knitted dishcloths. I don’t sell my wares at Etsy store pricing but I focus more on making enough to restock my yarn bin. My hobby is paid for and in a pinch, I can sell some when we need a little bit more cash that month.

So these are just the three simple things I do consistently to bring in a little extra income for our family. Apart from each other, its less than a monthly gym membership cost. Together, it can add up to a weekly grocery trip. It’s all about perspective.

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