What Do You Mean By, “Keeping It Real?”

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The posts and conversations have been flying from the fingers in effort to show that life or people are not all what they seem. We talk about “keeping it real” but maybe, just maybe, some of us know reality all to well and work hard to better it. How do we “move on” when we are “keeping it real”?

You all may know my house isn’t perfectly kept but should I really air our my dirty laundry in the name of reality? Yes, I have my struggles in this and yes I am working for of a more home that I can be proud of. And of course, we can all nod and smile and agree with this and yet think, “but what about the skeletons in the closet?”

What if I do post a picture of our happy family while we have the inner struggles that every family faces to one degree or another? Does that mean that I am being a fake? What about the time I was hesitant to post a fun picture of my family due to my son’s black eye he got from head butting his sister in a game of tag? We had already gotten “looks” from people in the store…

Pictures paint a picture. I live in the desert. The middle of the brown plain Mojave Desert. I don’t hang pictures of the desert on my wall. Instead I fill my desktop, walls, and profile pictures of lush green places. Reality for me? No! But it’s my Heart’s desire. Something that puts simple joy into my heart. People that know me know that this isn’t the area in which I live but can admire the picture as well. Why can’t we do that with with selfies and other photos?

The premise of most articles, about the smiling face in front of your screen and the many obstacles they face behind the keyboard, is that we are too quick to judge. Their solution is more of “keeping it real” outlook but for me, I’ll keep painting happy pictures and work towards that happy time. I want to be the girl that chooses to dance and sing and be happy even when my life seems to be a spinning top; the second something slows down, its pumped up again to spin faster and faster. Hey, I didn’t say I was there, I said I want to be that girl. He’s still working on me!

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