What Your Fitbit Doesn’t Tell You

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I love my fitbit tracker. Well, “mine” as in I stole it from hubby. I thought I was a busy mom always running around but then this little band tells me I am not even making 10,00 steps a day. I was a little annoyed to say the least and thought I would show it a thing or two. And so, I actively make sure I got my 10,000 steps in daily. It was a satisfactory feeling seeing that little number up there on my computer screen each evening.

But today as I was kissing boo-boos and reading books it dawned on me that Fitbit doesn’t track all the mom moments like that. It doesn’t tell me the reason I only made 7,000 steps today was because I read an extra chapter in Tom Sawyer to the children or that “intense calorie” burning moment was when my two year old was crying bloody murder outside and I ran with all my might to investigate the matter. It didn’t tell me that the slower paced moments at 2:15 was when I was letting my daughter help me bake muffins for this week’s snack. And Fitbit failed to mention that the deeper color on the screen around 5:00 when was we madly flew around the house picking up this toy and that and straightened up the couch cushions and throw some food together because Daddy was going to be home any minute. It didn’t tell me the times I smiled at my kids or blew on my bangs in frustration the next moment. It didn’t keep track of the times I said “I love you.” Or “are you supposed to do that?”

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The Fitbit is a tool. A electronic device without thought or feeling. You are human. You are a mom. It may be a wonderful feeling to see that 5 digit number up on the screen… but don’t let it steal the joy of the day you spent as a mom, as a wife, as a friend. Those moments will never be replaced.

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