365 Ways You Can Save Money- Day 15

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According to statista.com the average American spends about $371 per child on toys. Now, if I were to translate that into what we would be paying for our household, it would be approx $1500. I can you right now, that even the twice a year we buy toys (if we do that even) we have never even come close to a fraction of that.

Want to save money? Don’t buy toys! I am not talking about the one gift you buy every birthday or Christmas but I am discussing the impulse buys or just because, purchases. For the most part, our children do not get toys outside of birthday or Christmas. We have a list of certain items that the children want and when Aunts, Grandparents, or friends ask at birthday’s/Christmas etc. then we have something to tell them but even then, we don’t really do toys! If I have deviated from this idea, I have almost always regretted it. The item really didn’t last long, it wasn’t a thought through purchase, or the kids really never played with it, and it was money wasted. We have been handed down many toys, the children have used their own money to purchase some item they thought they really wanted, but for the most part, give a child some sticks, the great outdoors and a full imagination and they go to town!

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