365 Ways You Can Save Money- Day 7 & 8

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Both of these kind of work together so I’m combining into one post.


Day 7- Skip buying Miracle Grow and make your own. Composting is so easy. I have a small container on my kitchen counter that we empty almost nightly, onto a bigger pile outside in a designated area. Composting is so easy. We add our kitchen scraps (mainly veggies/fruits) onto a pile of weeds, leaves, and whatever else we happen to have (chicken/horse/goat manure is good). 😉  You can wet it down and turn it once a week (great child chore. They love the digging aspect) and watch your rich soil take place. I have other friends that really enjoy their composting system like this one.


Day 8- Save the veggie scraps. When you peel an onion and chop the ends off, carrot pieces, celery leaves, etc etc etc. Add them to a gallon ziplock bag in your freezer and when its full, create a delicious veggie broth.  I am SO thankful to a local friend that shared this with me, last year. I had done bone broth often enough but the veggie was a new concept to me. I have learned that potato peels and cabbage do not do well in the veggie stock so I directly compost those. When I am ready to make my broth, I add some minced garlic, spices, and fresh celery leaves because I really think it adds a flavor to it that can’t be beat. I kinda follow this idea without adding fresh veggies, just cause it seems like a waste. And then, once that broth is made, I compost the scraps!

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  1. Chautona

    You can also just did a small hole in the ground of your next flower/vegetable bed. When you dump your scraps in the hole, cover ’em up. Dig a tiny hole next to it. Next day, repeat. Takes only a moment, but if the hole is already dug, it is so much easier to make yourself go do that! (Not sure why. SAME amount of work, but it kind of follows the, “Make it easier to put away than get out” thing).


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