Ever have one of those days…

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It was one of those days. You know, where the unwelcome visitor–Murphy–decides to reside in the home at the most inconvenient day. My whole “No coffee for three weeks” has been abandoned and I stare in stupor as I watch the coffee pot fill with that wonderful chocolate color liquid as it drips, at an unbearable pace into, the pot. The few hours of restless sleep from the night before causes the eyes to be dry and irritated. The children, in their normal state of morning hunger, are crying for breakfast and all I want to do is sit down and cry but I don’t even have the energy for that.

Knowing where this was heading, I took it upon myself to do something I have never done before. I sat everyone down at the kitchen table,had a heart to heart and laid it all out.
“Guys, Mommy is exhausted. My brain is working really slowly and my emotions are ruling rather than being in subjection.” Yes, I had to explain subjection but they understood. If you don’t use the words, you can’t learn from them. I told how I would be working hard on keeping my emotions in check and try not to react but think first, just like I expect them to do but I was going to mess up big time today. I opened the door to the fact that there is never a sinless day. Every day we do something against the Word of God and we have to repent from it but there are just days when you know you’re suffering from battle fatigue and the little things are going to seem like huge dents in the armor. The children were understanding and, without prompt, said we should pray.

Knowing ahead of time that I was going to have rough, is one thing. Humbling yourself before your children is a whole different aspect. I am not sure that it changed the outcome of the day but it put the conscious thought in my head that my kids know that I am not intentionally mad, upset, hurt, and whatever else but that I am not working properly due to sleep.

But I can tell you that the most important thing that we all learned today was how to show grace and be open to forgiveness– and also to get adequate sleep at night.

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